I am a lecturer at the Information Technology and Web Science Program at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I am teaching the following course:

  • Data Science (ITWS 6350, ITWS 4350, CSCI 6350, CSCI 4350, ERTH 6350, ERTH 4350)
  • Data Analytics (ITWS 6600, ITWS 4600, MATP 4450)
  • Xinformatics (ITWS 6400, ITWS 4400, ERTH 6400, ERTH 4400)
  • Web Systems (ITWS 2110)

Previously I worked at the WVU LaunchLab as the CodeLab instructor where I taught the Android mobile app development class to novice programmers.

I have contributed to MIT App Inventor through Google Summer of Code (GSoC), in integrating Internet of Things through these two projects:


Here is a cross section of some of the ongoing projects and the projects I have done in the past.

Click on each tag cloud / project to learn more about the work I did, as well as the research publications and the awards I have received for some of the projects.


I enjoy teaching, and I have had lot of opportunities to teach at WVU, as a math, physics and MatLab tutor at Engineering Learning Center. Also, I was the Java, C++ and the android programming instructor at WVU Launch Lab.

Click on the images below to learn more about the lessons I have conducted for Mathematics and Mobile App Development using MIT App Inventor.


Here are some of the experimental things I have done in the past or I am currently carrying out.

CodeLab Teaching

CodeLab Sessions

Teaching students groups: Hands-on experiance on learning the IoT fundamentals and programming concepts.

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CodeLab sessions
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"Learning by Doing"
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Instructing students
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Instructing students